Add value and secure your Gold Coast / Tweed home or business with an Access Control System

Access control systems allows you to monitor, control and restrict the movement of people and vehicles in and out of your property.

Catchcam installs, services and maintains access control systems such as Integriti, Concept 4000 & Inception by Inner Range, and EVO by Paradox. With a range of keyless entry options along with vandal resistant keypad and encrypted readers, experience peace of mind while Catchcam recommends the ideal access control solution for your needs.

Home Access Control

Keyless access for nipping down to the beach, remote control for opening the garage door and controlling your alarm, or out on the bike with the kids; providing keypads or card readers for access to your property is common practice when you don’t want or need to carry house keys. Integriti, Concept 4000 & Inception by Inner Range, and EVO by Paradox are well suited for these scenarios. Control who can get onto your grounds (i.e. pool guys, gardeners, window cleaners) without giving access into your home.

Commercial / Small Business Access Control

Used to control staff, tenancy workers and the general public to specific areas without the use of keys. With electronic locking, keypads & card readers we can control areas independently and record everything to a central management platform. Integriti, Concept 4000 & Inception by Inner Range, and EVO by Paradox are well suited for these scenarios.

High Rise Access Control

Every high-rise and community living complex has some form of access control. Tenants will have a fob or an access card to gain entry through main thoroughfares, doorways, parking, elevators, gym, and pool areas. Integriti, Concept 4000 & Inception by Inner Range is widely used for this application. Catchcam are fully accredited and trained to install, maintain, and service these products.

Access Control in your Educational Institution

Used to control staff access & also keep students safe. Electronic security can be an effective way of maintaining access control where the ‘master key’ system can become difficult to manage and expensive to overhaul for the sake of a key. For these larger projects, Integriti & Concept 4000 by Inner Range, can use an existing ‘staff/employee’ card ID to eliminate additional fobs, cards or PIN codes. We can also integrate other platforms making the management of the school, CCTV, alarm & bell system, automation, air-conditioning, car parking and vehicle entry and lights, all accessible on one platform. This is fully accessible by local keypads as well as remotely via Smartphone devices.

EVO by Paradox Access Control

The Paradox EVO range restricts entry to areas of your property with an authorised access solution. For Residential and small commercial installations, this brand is perfect for your needs.

Integriti, Concept 4000 & Inception Access Control by Inner Range

Leading access control systems like Integriti and Concept 4000 (by Inner Range) are an ideal choice for larger commercial properties, high rises, apartments and schools. The flexible, modular design can grow as your business, school or institution grows.

Catchcam is a family owned and operated electronic security business offering personalised, friendly, Access Control Systems installation, servicing and repairs by trained and licensed technicians. Take advantage of our expertise and get the best Access Control System for your needs and budget. Contact us today.