We recently completed a CCTV Installation at an Edible Flower Farm production facility in the Tweed Valley, Northern NSW.

Our customer’s CCTV requirements:

  • Enhance the security presence around the buildings
  • Provide an additional layer of support for health and safety matters due to heavy machinery and pedestrian traffic
  • View the property remotely via Smartphone when travelling or away from site

Products used:

  • Hikvision CCTV: 16/32 Channel NVR & 8MP IP Cameras.
  • Ubiquiti Litebeam: To connect from House to Shed via wireless link.
  • Ubiquiti ToughSwitch: PoE switch for harsher environments.

Tweed Valley CCTV Installation – Challenges

We faced an obstacle with the facility being 200+ metres away from the main residential farm property. At the main property, there was an existing CCTV system in place along with Internet access & Wi-Fi. However to extend this system down to the Production Facility would typically be uneconomical given the length of the area to dig and lay infrastructure.

Fortunately, there was 240v available in the facility, and that is all we needed to provide a turnkey solution – CCTV and Internet access down to and inside the Production Facility.

Hikvision Cameras and Network Video Recorders

For IP cameras and network video recorder (NVR) on residential and smaller commercial projects we normally use Hikvision, the world’s number 1 market leader in CCTV. Hikvision products are affordable, reliable and available locally through trusted distributors. With 8MP cameras being the latest range of fixed lens cameras, the image quality blows away anything we have seen before – and at a fraction of the price cameras have been in the past.

The Ubiquiti Litebeam

Ubiquiti is the industry leader in the field of wireless data communication. The Ubiquiti Litebeam is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) designed to be an affordable and high performance solution for long-distance, wireless broadband bridging – perfect for this expansive Tweed Valley property.

We needed connectivity between buildings in line of sight to each other, wirelessly and effectively over a few hundred meters.

Tests and applications with this product have proven effective to many kilometres and we have successfully installed many applications up to 2km distance with great results.

The Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch (also known as the ToughSwitch)

At either end we connected a Ubiquiti ToughSwitch. These Ethernet switches are designed to deliver Power over Ethernet (PoE) and are used in situations where the environment is a little bit harsher than a typical data room or indoor scenario.

With operating temperatures in the range of -25 to 55°C it’s certainly built to withstand “tough” environmental conditions. The climate in Northern NSW surely knows how to push these limits.

CCTV Installation – Results

The result of this Tweed Valley commercial CCTV project is a clean and tidy roll out, available on smartphone and web browser from anywhere in the world. The ability to view the property remotely when the owners cannot be on-site themselves offers both peace of mind and saves time and money not having to travel to the site as regularly as they had done in the past.

The owners can now enjoy 24/7 visual access to their property and keep tabs in real-time, while also ramping up the security presence on the property.

For more information on this project, the products used, or to discuss the installation of a similar set up at your property, please call Catchcam on 1300 554 221 today. We look forward to hearing from you!