Concept 4000 End of Life (EOL)

Release from Inner Range & CSD:

Over the last few years, Inner Range has experienced increasing difficulty sourcing the electrical components required to manufacture Concept 3000/4000. The architecture of Concept/Insight is now over two decades old, and its underlying technology is not economical to maintain in comparison to more modern platforms.

It is under such circumstances that Inner Range proudly announces the EOL of the product to which we owe much of our success, the Concept 3000/4000.

Concept controllers, other Concept hardware modules and Insight software will all be end of life on the 2nd April 2019 however these products will continue to be supported for the prerequisite 5 years (including repairs).

Its Time now to Migrate to Integriti – Concept End of Life

Since 2012, Inner Range has been steadily increasing the capabilities of the Integriti platform; to make it one of the most capable and well-performing products in today’s competitive market.

From the beginning, we envisaged Integriti to not only be capable of solving the demands of the enterprise space, but to also offer a cost-effective migration path for our existing Concept / Insight customers.

Integriti is backwardly compatible with Concept/Insight and many customers, large and small, have already migrated from Concept/Insight to Integriti. Because of this compatibility, the migration to Integriti is easy, efficient and extremely cost effective (a fraction of the cost of an entire product replacement).

From Nigel at Catchcam:

“We recently completed this Concept 4000 to Integriti migration successfully for a number of clients on the Gold Coast.

Most significantly The Southport School (TSS) and Harrigan’s Calypso Bay

With appropriate planning and technical precautionary measures outlined by the manufacturer, all went well without any downtime or disruption to service.

If you have an Inner Range Concept 4000 system and are concerned about future proofing your system and services to your business, school, building or complex please get in touch (email: or phone 1300 554 221) and we’ll make an appointment to bring you up to speed with what needs to be done.”

“Remember, if anyone can, Catchcam can!”