Access Control:

Used to control staff access & also keep students safe. Electronic Security can be an effective way of maintaining access control where the ‘master key’ system can become difficult to manage and expensive to overhaul for the sake of a key. Integriti & Concept 4000 by Inner Range, can use an existing ‘staff/employee’ card ID to eliminate additional fobs, cards or PIN codes. We can also integrate other platforms making the management of the school, CCTV, alarm & bell system, automation, air-conditioning, car parking and vehicle entry and lights, all accessible on one platform. This is fully accessible by local keypads as well as remotely via Smartphone devices.


Most CCTV deployments in schools are designed around the safety of the students and sensitive areas within the school campus. Retrieving number plates and faces of carers collecting their children, finding who mistakenly lifted the wrong schoolbag or spotting who is breaking curfew from a boarding house, CCTV can answer questions before they are asked.


Deployed in a canteen ‘goods inwards’, vehicle entry gates or similar scenarios, stand alone intercoms are a great way of vetting access to areas that are not normally manned.

Intruder Alarms:

For asset protection, and for the safety of boarding students. In conjunction with ‘Access Control’ an intruder or security alarm is essential in today’s climate. Integriti & Concept 4000 by Inner Range is the answer. With a wide range of peripheral keypads and detector types, we can suit the aesthetics of your school; we have the complete solution for your budget and environment.


Back to base monitoring, patrols and static guards are all available via Catchcam. We can also configure your alarm to call your personal phone, send an email/SMS or contact a nominated person on alarm activation via your phone line, internet or SIM card. All at competitive rates and no lock-in contracts, giving our customers value of flexibility.

Service & Maintenance:

For maintenance, repairs, upgrades and fixing that long standing problem; we can stabilise your system and bring it up to scratch. Where once you may have been told “no”, we’re here to say “Yes”.