Access Control:

Keyless access for nipping down to the beach, remote control for opening the garage door and controlling your alarm, or out on the bike with the kids;  providing keypads or card readers for access to your property is common practise when you don’t want or need to carry house keys.  Integriti & Concept 4000 by Inner Range, and EVO by Paradox are well suited for these scenarios. Control who can get onto your grounds (i.e. pool guys, gardeners, window cleaners) without giving access into your home.


Used for protection of your main entry points to your property, or even internally to keep an eye on your prized RS4 in the garage. Cameras are strategically placed to capture any malicious damage or unwanted visitors.  CCTV can be invaluable in the apprehension and deterrent of criminals.  With modern systems all being remotely viewable via a Smartphone over the internet, CCTV is becoming a staple inclusion for many residential dwellings.


If you have a gatehouse, walled car-port or would prefer not to attend the front door of your home, an intercom can be used to answer to a guest or vet an unknown caller. Most intercoms now have colour video as standard, and some can store an image and messages if the resident isn’t home at the time of the caller.  An intercom can be a focal point to the face of your home.  Is yours fulfilling its potential and your needs?

Intruder Alarms:

For peace of mind to protect you and your valuables, an intruder or security alarm is essential in today’s climate.  Integriti & Concept 4000 by Inner Range, and the Paradox brands deliver ideal solutions.  With a wide range of peripheral keypads and detector types, we can suit the aesthetics of your home by suggesting a solution within your budget that will fulfil your needs.


Back to base monitoring, patrols and static guards are all available via Catchcam. We can also configure your alarm to call your personal phone, send an email/SMS or contact a nominated person on alarm activation via your phone line, internet or SIM card. All at competitive rates and no lock-in contracts, giving our customers the value of flexibility.

Service & Maintenance:

For maintenance, repairs, upgrades and fixing that long standing problem; we can stabilise your system and bring it up to scratch. Where once you may have been told “no”, we’re here to say “Yes”.